Washington State Energy Technical Advisory Process

We are working alongside our partners to provide technical consultation to the Washington State Department of Commerce, the Governor’s office, and the Advisory Committee in developing the Washington 2021 State Energy Strategy. This work will enhance understanding of the costs and benefits of a suite of policies and actions to meet Washington’s greenhouse gas targets that are designed achieve decarbonization in the state.

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Jeremy Levine

Building Decarbonization

Decarbonizing the built environment involves energy efficiency and demand management strategies, as well as decreasing the use of natural gas, which could negatively impact the region’s most vulnerable residents. We will co-develop a Decarbonizing Buildings project with frontline communities to determine the most equitable and technically sound solutions to reducing carbon emissions from buildings.

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Brookhaven National Laboratory

Clean Energy Mapping Project

The Clean Energy Mapping project aims to use Tableau’s data visualization software to create an interactive map displaying attitudes toward decarbonization and examples of clean energy activities in Northwest state legislative districts. The goal is to show Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington policymakers and legislators evidence of clean energy economic value and support for clean energy throughout the region.

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