Northwest Clean Energy Atlas

Wind power, Eastern Washington

The Institute’s Northwest Clean Energy Atlas project uses Tableau’s data visualization software to create an interactive atlas exploring energy data relevant to deep decarbonization in the Northwest. The challenges facing a rapid energy transition are complex and constantly evolving. Having access to detailed, up-to-date, and transparent energy system data is critical for policymakers, businesses, advocates, and the public to make informed decisions and track the progress of the clean energy transition.

An Interactive Dashboard for Data and Analysis

The Northwest Clean Energy Atlas was developed with different data visualization tools, in particular Tableau’s platform of data analysis, mapping, and dashboarding tools. Users of the Atlas  see visualizations with narratives that explain different sources and uses of energy throughout the Northwest over time.

Modeling demonstrates that the lowest-cost pathway for deep decarbonization in the Northwest involves coordination and cooperation among all states in the region. At present, tracking and comparing how states produce, purchase, and use energy requires assembling data from a variety of resources that have differing levels of detail, accessibility, and transparency. The Northwest Clean Energy Atlas could serve as a source of aggregated data and insights that might drive more regionally focused energy system planning and analysis.