Washington State Energy Technical Advisory Process

The Department of Commerce engaged the Clean Energy Transition Institute (CETI) and its partners to provide technical consultation to Commerce, the Governor’s office, and the Advisory Committee in developing the Washington 2021 State Energy Strategy. This work will enhance understanding of the costs and benefits of a suite of policies and actions to meet Washington’s greenhouse gas targets that are designed achieve decarbonization in the state.

The technical consulting includes:

  1. Conducting a meta-analysis of existing energy studies and strategies and an inventory of existing Washington policies, programs, regulations, investments, and tools
  2. Facilitating a technical advisory process to inform the Advisory Committee’s advice and recommendations
  3. Performing decarbonization and modeling and analysis, building on existing efforts and guided by the technical advisory process and Advisory Committee deliberations
  4. Working with Commerce to create communication materials, including the design and preparation of a final report and supporting documents to launch the final 2021 State Energy Strategy

The CETI Team is comprised of the following:

  • Clean Energy Transition Institute, a Seattle-based nonprofit organization that advances strategies to advance deep decarbonization in the Northwest. Eileen V. Quigley, Executive Director; Bruce Jacobsen, Director of Operations; Marc Daudon, Senior Fellow; Nicole Larson, Research Assistant.
  • Stockholm Environment Institute US, a nonprofit research organization with offices in California, Massachusetts, and Washington that conducts research and engages with decision-makers on energy, water, and climate policy. Michael Lazarus, Director SEI-US; Derik Broekhoff, Senior Scientist.
  • Evolved Energy Research, a national firm of energy professionals with extensive consulting experience using decarbonization modeling to examine the questions that the clean energy transition poses. Jeremy Hargreaves; Gabe Kwok; Ben Haley, Principals.
  • Hammerschlag, LLC, an Olympia-based company specializing in greenhouse gas inventories, greenhouse gas regulation, life-cycle assessments of rules, and renewable energy technology assessments. Roel Hammerschlag, Principal.
  • Inclusive Economics, a Bay Area company that conducts research on the employment, economic, and equity impacts of clean energy and climate policies. Betony Jones, Founder.
  • FTI Consulting, a global business advisory firm providing economic impact analysis of clean energy policies for this project. Scott Nystrom, Senior Director.
  • 2050 Institute, a Seattle-based think tank that partners with policy makers, utilities, and market actors to deliver building decarbonization at scale. Poppy Storm, Founder. 
  • One Visual Mind, a Portland, OR and Boston, MA-based design firm. Carol Maglitta; Karen Beck, Designers.

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