Accelerating the Clean Energy Revolution

Middelgrunden offshore wind farm

Welcome to Clean Energy Transition, an initiative that promotes strategies to accelerate the transition from fossil fuel to clean energy, focusing on low-carbon pathways, urban clean energy, and clean energy economics.

Clean Energy Transition launches at a critical time, with global warming impacts accelerating daily and time running out for a massive clean energy revolution to commence and return the planet to temperatures that will ensure the survival of biodiversity as we know it.

Choreographing the shift from fossil fuel to clean energy is no simple task, but it is attainable, contrary to conventional wisdom. Pathways to a Low-Carbon Future demonstrates that a low-carbon future is not only technically achievable but also economically beneficial.

With cities emitting 70 percent of global carbon emissions, the pressure is on cities to be the vanguard of climate action. Urban Clean Energy examines the urban levers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and​ suggests models for how cities can truly lead in curbing carbon pollution.

Clean energy’s breathtaking technological and economic advances make plain that a future powered by clean instead of fossil fuel is feasible. Clean Energy Workforce explores how clean energy can benefit U.S. communities that need economic development to ensure that the transition brings broadly shared prosperity.

I invite you to explore the site, read our recent blogs-Achieving a Low-Carbon Future and Stepping up on Urban Clean Energy, as well as All the King’s Horses—Why Coal Isn’t Coming Back-and join us in discovering how to accelerate the clean energy revolution.

Please and tell us how you think we can advance a low-carbon future, and if you are interested in staying in touch, please sign up for our news updates.

Eileen V. Quigley

Founder & Executive Director
Eileen V. Quigley is Founder and Executive Director of the Clean Energy Transition Institute. Eileen spent seven years at Climate Solutions identifying the transition pathways off oil and coal to a low-carbon future in Washington and Oregon. She built and led the New Energy Cities program, which partnered with 22 Northwest cities and counties to reduce carbon emissions. As Director of Strategic Innovations, she oversaw New Energy Cities, as well as Sustainable Advanced Fuels.
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