Ruby Moore-Bloom

Research Analyst

Ruby Moore-Bloom joined the Clean Energy Transition Institute in January 2022 and is committed to working toward a clean energy future in the Northwest.

Ruby oversees CETI’s Northwest Clean Energy Atlas, which explores energy data relevant to deep decarbonization in the Northwest in interactive data visualizations. She also led CETI’s Clean Materials Manufacturing project, which helps industrial stakeholders and policymakers understand different methods for decarbonizing six of Washington state’s manufacturing sectors.

Ruby provided research for CETI’s Operation 2030 project, which offers a blueprint for how Washington can get on the path to decarbonizing its building sector at the speed and scale that the state’s decarbonization targets require. She also provides research and analytical support for CETI’s Net-Zero Northwest project, both its energy pathways project, as well as its workforce and employment analysis, and she regularly blogs on a wide range of topics relating to deep decarbonization strategies for the Northwest.

Prior to joining the CETI team, Ruby lived in Jordan as a faculty member of King’s Academy. She taught classes on the history of ancient, classical, and modern worlds and served as curriculum lead for the ninth and tenth grade history courses. She also supported students as a dorm parent and advisor. Before teaching high school, she worked with adult English language learners at Literacy Source in Seattle, WA as a program assistant and AmeriCorps volunteer, where she developed and taught classes incorporating ESL, U.S. citizenship skills, and digital literacy for low-income adult learners.

Ruby speaks Spanish and Arabic and received her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Middle East Studies from Brown University in 2017.