Round-Up of 2021 Decarbonization Podcasts

We at the Clean Energy Transition Institute are regularly asked to suggest the most up-to-date, reliable information about the exceptionally dynamic world of decarbonization. I recently pulled a list of my top podcasts in 2021 in response to such a request and decided to share it with a broader audience on our blog.


Top of my list is Shayle Kann, a partner at Energy Impact Partners, who has a new terrific podcast, Catalyst, in partnership with Canary Media. Kann kicked off the pod on November 4 and all of the posted episodes are good. I definitely recommend giving these three a listen:

Energy Transition Show

Next up is Chris Nelder’s Energy Transition Show. Nelder had been producing ETS during his time at the Rocky Mountain Institute, but this summer he left RMI and now devotes himself full time to this excellent podcast.

The archive is a treasure trove for decarbonization enthusiasts, and the show notes are extremely useful. If you are interested in the nuts and bolts of decarbonization, and care about the technical details, you will want to poke around the archive. These are some of the ones that stuck with me this year:

In addition, Nelder did a deep dive on hydrogen in 2021 that I found very helpful:

You can listen to a short version of each podcast for free or pay $60 to subscribe, which I recommend: it is great value for the price.

The Big Switch

Dr. Melissa Lott, Senior Research Scholar and Director of Research at Columbia University’s Center of Global Energy Policy, hosts The Big Switch, which launched in 2020 with five episodes on decarbonizing the electricity grid.

The 2021 episodes focus on decarbonizing the transportation sector. All 10 podcasts are worth a listen, but I highlight two here:


A year ago, the esteemed climate journalist David Roberts left Vox and launched Volts, a newsletter about technology, politics, and decarbonization policy, on Substack. He reads his articles on his podcast. It is worth paying to subscribe to Volts. My top picks for 2021 include:

The Interchange

Finally, I call out a few episodes from Shayle Kann’s former podcast, The Interchange, that he produced with Stephen Lacey of Postscript Media since their days at Greentech Media, which Wood Mackenzie purchased:

Happy listening!

Eileen V. Quigley

Founder & Executive Director
Eileen V. Quigley is Founder and Executive Director of the Clean Energy Transition Institute. Eileen spent seven years at Climate Solutions identifying the transition pathways off oil and coal to a low-carbon future in Washington and Oregon. She built and led the New Energy Cities program, which partnered with 22 Northwest cities and counties to reduce carbon emissions. As Director of Strategic Innovations, she oversaw New Energy Cities, as well as Sustainable Advanced Fuels.
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