The Clean Energy Transition Institute gratefully acknowledges the funders that provided the financial support to commission a Northwest deep decarbonization pathways study and launch the Institute; the consultants whose energy sector modeling expertise provided the basis for this rigorous study; the Technical Advisory Group and stakeholders that advised on the scope and assumptions for the study; the Institute’s fiscal sponsor from September 2018-February 2019, Climate Solutions, without which the Institute could not have operated as a nonprofit organization; the Institute’s contractors, for their help reviewing and publicizing the study; and the firms that provide in-kind support to the Institute.

Clean Energy Transition Funders

Stolte Family Foundation

The Institute deeply appreciate the Stolte Family Foundation’s critical support, which provided the initial funding to commission the Northwest deep decarbonization pathways study and the seed funding to establish the Clean Energy Transition Institute. Without the Stolte Family Foundation’s financial support and strategic guidance, this study and the Institute would not exist.

Individual Donors

The Institute gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following donors:

Lisa Adatto

Elena Anguita

​Jabe Blumenthal and Julie Edsforth

Rhea and Clark Coler

Linda and David Cornfield

Miriam Cytryn and James Birmingham

Marc and Maud Daudon

William Donnelly

EDF Renewables

Michael Ehrenberg and Donna Richman

Elizabeth Ford

Greg & Kathe Fowler

Goldman Sachs

Genevieve L. Gormley and Ian W. Freed

Frank Greer and Stephanie Solien

David W. Hastings

The Henry Foundation

Peter Kirby

Anne and William J. Kirby, Jr.

Richard Klein and Amy Solas

Margarita and Brian Lessard

Ross and Lisa Macfarlane

John McGarry and Michelle Wernli

Microsoft Corporation

Ordinary People Foundation

Mathis and Steve Powelson

Dmitri Iglitzin and Eileen V. Quigley

Eric Gill and Megan Quigley

Rosemary C. Quigley

Stephen and Liann Sundquist

Alan Vaughan

Rogers and Julie Weed

Martha Wyckoff

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