Poppy Storm

Building Sector Consultant

Poppy Storm is consulting with the Clean Energy Transition Institute on strategies to decarbonize the built environment. She is also a member of the Clean Energy Transition Institute's Advisory Council. Poppy is Founder & Director of Innovation at 2050 Institute.

Poppy has over 15 years of experience in the energy efficiency and decarbonization field, with a focus on market transformation in the building sector. Prior to founding 2050 Institute, she led the Policy and Planning team at Ecotope, Inc., in Seattle for 10 years. Poppy founded 2050 Institute to use a strategic “2050” lens to design frameworks, policies, codes, and programs that interlock across regional, state, local, community, and utility programs and policies. She uses a whole system approach and design thinking to identify the strategies and analysis necessary to align policy mechanisms with actual energy and GHG reductions.

Poppy has an interdisciplinary background in commercial and residential building stock studies, heat pump technologies, energy use intensity (EUI) target setting, decarbonization potential assessments, energy code development and evaluation, targeted tools for policy and program planning, impact and process evaluations, market research studies, and strategic planning. Many of her projects have included extensive stakeholder facilitation and coordination with the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, the Regional Technical Forum, the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Bonneville Power Administration, manufacturers, distributors, designers, and large, small, and rural utilities. Poppy has a master’s degree in Whole Systems Design and Change Management from Antioch University, and a bachelor’s degree in International Studies from the University of Washington.