Mariah Caballero

Research Fellow, Community-Defined Decarbonization

Mariah Caballero is a Graduate Research Fellow at the Clean Energy Transition Institute and Doctoral Student in Vanderbilt University’s Community Research and Action (CRA) program. In addition to her work with CETI, Mariah contributes research to the Drinking Water Justice Lab and serves a Research and Development Intern for Sandia National Laboratories.

Previous to her time at Vanderbilt, Mariah received bachelor’s degrees in biology and geography from Vassar College. After working at the Centers for Disease Control, Mariah was employed as a data analyst for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)’s Office of Research and Development (ORD), in the Drinking Water Management Branch (DWMB).

Today, Mariah provides research and analyses to CETI’s  Community-Defined Decarbonization project (formerly Equitable Rural Building Decarbonization). Having grown up in rural Eastern Washington, Mariah’s research interests include rural and Latinx community development, equitable water and energy systems, and environmental justice.