Kate MacArthur

Summer Intern

Kate MacArthur is a rising third-year at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA, where she is pursuing a B.A. in Global Studies with a concentration in Global Environments & Sustainability. Additionally, she is minoring in French and Urban & Environmental Planning. She hopes to combine these areas of study to work towards a globally greener future – not only in the sustainability sense but also in terms of increasing physical nature, especially in urban settings. She believes fostering a deep, symbiotic connection between individuals and the nature that physically surrounds them every day is the first step in building a population that is engaged with and invested in the future of the global environment.  

Beyond her interests in the environment and sustainability, Kate is passionate about photography. She runs a Charlottesville-based freelance business and is also the Senior Associate Editor of the photography section for the Cavalier Daily, UVA’s 132-year-old newspaper.  

Born and raised in Seattle, Kate’s education at Seattle Academy and Bertschi School fostered an early understanding of and attention to clean energy and sustainability. She attributes her passion for the environment to her early education, as well as to the social and physical character of the Pacific Northwest, and she is eager to help preserve and develop this character through her work with CETI.