Caleb Smith

Digital Communications Manager

Caleb Smith is the Digital Communications Manager for the Clean Energy Transition Institute. He is the gatekeeper for the Institute’s website, managing our blog and overseeing all email list communication, including the Institute’s Newsletter.

Caleb is the founder and director of Modern Trailhead, a digital media consulting agency that specializes in video production and website design. Caleb also serves on the Board of the nonprofit New Dawn Guatemala, an organization that works to foster ecological sustainability, economic vitality, and educational advancement in rural Guatemalan communities.

As the former Washington Policy Associate for the Seattle-based clean energy economy nonprofit, Climate Solutions, he served as the lead analyst for legislative and regulatory policy development covering state and federal climate policy, clean energy, carbon markets, utility regulation, and transportation fuels.

Most recently, Caleb worked as a research partner with a cohort of urban sustainability professionals, developing a report identifying pathways to improve the efficacy of urban climate action programs.

When he isn’t working, his bags are packed and he’s on the move, with the goal of visiting a new country every year. He runs the online travel gear guide, Art of the Pack, a website designed to help consumers select the best travel clothing and gear for destinations around the globe.

As an undergraduate at the University of Washington’s Jackson School of International Studies, Caleb spent a semester abroad in Geneva, Switzerland, where he studied multilateral diplomacy and worked with the Global Institute for Water, Environment, and Health. While there, he researched Swiss renewable energy systems and Social Entrepreneurship. Caleb then spent a semester abroad in Cadiz, Spain, where he studied the Spanish language and tutored the mentally handicap in English.

Caleb received his Bachelor of Arts in International Development from the University of Washington with a Minor in Spanish in 2014.

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